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Most real estate agents aren't property managers, yet so many manage their customers homes to protect the listing. At Proper Management, we partner with agents and manage their clients properties, to help them save time and protect their sales.

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Proper management means your clients will receive the highest level of customer service,
so you'll never have to worry about 'playing' property manager again

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All Agents have to start somewhere, saying 'yes' to property management worked in the beginning, but your time is much more valuable now

You deserve to keep your clients

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sign non-compete, choose service plan, then on-board your properties with Proper Management

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we manage your customers' homes and preserve the relationship to save your time so you can make more sales

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we release the property when your client is ready to sell with you

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Love Mailbox Money?

Get paid to onboard your properties and receive a percentage of management fees each month. Residual payments? Yes, please.

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Private Label Service

Offer all the benefits of being a full-service brokerage to your customers with none of the hassle, risk, or cost.

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More Time, Money, and Sales

Sell more homes: we'll pay to manage your properties and save you time so you can focus on sales.

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We are committed to Southern California

Chris V. - Yelp OC

PROPER management was super easy to work with! They were fantastic communicators, offered wonderful service, and were extremely accommodating in all aspects of property management! I'd also want to mention that Delina's notary services saved us a lot of time and effort! Never before have I encountered a notary who was so competent, professional, and knowledgable as her! I would strongly recommend them.

Jeremiah's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and think through any sort of options

As a landlord, Jeremiah and his team have been more than supportive throughout my rental process. They truly care in setting you up for success and think through the long term in very practical solutions and equip you with all the essential information you need. I really appreciate Jeremiah for being incredibly accommodating to my busy schedule and being on call which made this whole process a lot less intimidating for me as I'm balancing being a landlord and having a full time job. Jeremiah's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and think through any sort of options to truly ease you into the whole process and always keeping things transparent with consistent updates and truly making me feel like they've got my best interest. I really appreciate feeling like we're all playing on the same team (myself, his team and my tenant's!) and so glad I made this decision in partnering with them and feel super comfortable knowing they've got my back in this rental process!

This property management company will work hard for you

This property management company will work hard for you, take care of your property, and take away all of your headache! They screen tenants very carefully and only recommend the best of the best. Jeremiah is great with communication--he constantly keeps us in the loop on what's going on with the property and always have ready solutions. Highly recommended!

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