Five star Service


Mojie, A, Yelp OC

I am so glad to find Proper Management to help me when I was not in town and there was an unexpected situation happened with my rental. Jeremiah accepted to work with me even without meeting me in person and he made me feel so relieved by taking everything under control. He gave me good advises also for the repair we had to do, he got few estimate to make sure that we get the best service with the best price. Thank you for being so professional and friendly, you made me feel much better.

Chris V. - Yelp OC

PROPER management was super easy to work with! They were fantastic communicators, offered wonderful service, and were extremely accommodating in all aspects of property management! I'd also want to mention that Delina's notary services saved us a lot of time and effort! Never before have I encountered a notary who was so competent, professional, and knowledgable as her! I would strongly recommend them.

Jeremiah's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and think through any sort of options

As a landlord, Jeremiah and his team have been more than supportive throughout my rental process. They truly care in setting you up for success and think through the long term in very practical solutions and equip you with all the essential information you need. I really appreciate Jeremiah for being incredibly accommodating to my busy schedule and being on call which made this whole process a lot less intimidating for me as I'm balancing being a landlord and having a full time job. Jeremiah's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and think through any sort of options to truly ease you into the whole process and always keeping things transparent with consistent updates and truly making me feel like they've got my best interest. I really appreciate feeling like we're all playing on the same team (myself, his team and my tenant's!) and so glad I made this decision in partnering with them and feel super comfortable knowing they've got my back in this rental process!

This property management company will work hard for you

This property management company will work hard for you, take care of your property, and take away all of your headache! They screen tenants very carefully and only recommend the best of the best. Jeremiah is great with communication--he constantly keeps us in the loop on what's going on with the property and always have ready solutions. Highly recommended!

Amazing Service

excellent service, very responsible, friendly and helpful people, I recommend your services 100%, thank you for all guys!

Just Superb

Everything you guys have done has been great! Thank you for all your help!

True Professionals

The young, energetic, and friendly staff truly are proper. Most property managers suck - or drop the ball at some point. Jeremiah and his team are on it and bring me great peace knowing my home isn't getting destroyed and the rental income is guaranteed. Such a relief.


I'll never look for another property manager again. The closest thing to handsfree as I've ever experienced.

I took a bet and won

Jeremiah was young and I thought maybe green but full of heart and integrity - Rare in the PM business. In short, I trusted him. He now manages all my properties throughout California and I could not be happier.

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