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25 years of bespoke service.

Proper Management was built on the belief that everyone deserves not just a house, but a home. We believe a safe, clean, amenable space allows humans to flourish.

We believe we are at our best in community. We are motivated, inspired, and driven to see others succeed. We believe the best way to interact with others is by serving them.

Our Mission

Service & relationships.

In short, we put people in homes.

We actively choose to fulfill our mission by operating with integrity, serving our clients, and empowering our team to use common sense good judgment.

What's my home worth?

We know real estate.

We promise the highest return in the industry. Through our commitment to professionalism, transparent pricing, and excellent service.

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Project Manager - Development & COnstruciton

Scott Owen

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Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth Shuyler, PhD


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