January 4, 2023

The Invaluable AirDNA Rentalizer

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Juliette De Soto

The Invaluable AirDNA Rentalizer

If you’ve been interested in short-term rentals for a while, you’ve probably heard of AirDNA. AirDNA’s vacation rental data and analytics have been a breakthrough for short-term rental research. While Airbnb’s own website had always given us rough estimates for what any given property might bring in as an STR, according to its website, AirDNA has analyzed over 10 million properties in 120,000 global markets and quotes a 97% data accuracy rate. What does this mean for you—the big-time investor or the average person wanting to get into the vacation rental market? You have at your fingertips the ability to find out extremely accurate revenue numbers for any property you type in. 

AirDNA’s “Rentalizer” is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in buying property and turning it into a short-term rental. The Rentalizer is simple to use and gives you all the numbers you need to know to make the right financial decision on a property. Simply type in the address and you will immediately have access to data such as annual revenue projections as well as nightly rates and occupancy rates for like properties in the area. While Airbnb’s website gives you general estimates for cities and number of guests, AirDNA boasts much more accuracy since it’s working off an actual address. These numbers are crucial in guiding your decisions over which vacation rental properties will make you the most money and which aren’t going to be good investments. The numbers will lead the way.

But you have to pay for it. AirDNA’s subscriptions range from $19 to $99 per month, and the less money you pay, the less access you have to various markets. But here’s some great news! Through Proper Management’s website, we’re giving away access to your very own AirDNA Rental Market Analysis for free. Simply fill in the fields, and we’ll send you the numbers. It’s a win-win! Now let’s mine that data.

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