January 4, 2023

Why Great Photography Matters Now More Than Ever

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Jeremiah Shuyler

Why Great Photography Matters Now More Than Ever

Great photography is about evoking feelings within. It is an opportunity to shape a buyer's perception of a home while telling a story. As real estate investors, we want the buyers to be the main characters in those stories, providing an intimate fit in which buyers can fantasize and envision their families living within. Photography makes a difference and below, we have three reasons why.

Buyers Are Increasingly Searching Online

As we enter 2022,real estate investors must harness the power of digital marketing as the process of buying is becoming increasingly online. According to the National Association of Realtors 2021 study, 95% percent of buyers used online tools in their search process, thus, first time buyers are seeing homes through digital deliverables. With thousands of homes on the market, capturing buyers' attention is paramount. Integral to capturing buyers' attention includes having an adequate number of photos (the more the better), showcasing the best angles ,and having quality lighting.

Return on Investment

Great photography nearly guarantees a higher return on investment. When photography is aesthetically pleasing the listing will attract more views, homes go for a higher selling price, and the average time on the market goes down. On average, homes with one photo are on the market twice as long as homes with 20 or more photos, which can save you approximately thirty days! Having great photos before the house goes on the market is worth the time and your results will prove it. Investing in professional photography that resonates and appeals to buyers not only generates a higher return on investment but also creates a more satisfying experience for potential buyers.

Building Credibility

Having great photography shows a level of professionalism that builds credibility with buyers. The last thing buyers want are limited photos, blurry living rooms, and an unsatisfactory glimpse of the home. A simple swipe right and you are at the back of line! Ask yourself, what would you like to see when buying a property? What parts of the home are important to you? What are the unique features of the home buyers must know about? Go the extra mile, capture those worthwhile photos, and watch your efforts pay dividends.


Remember, the home is the art, the photographer is the witness.

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